Neanderthal weaning

According to a new article in Nature, the weaning of Neanderthal happened eariler than in both other prmates and human populations. Link:

This is one of several other studies that claim Neanderthal developped faster than modern humans.

However, in the Neanderthal theory, based on radiometric data collected by Jack Cuozzo, it is indicated that the datings of Neanderthal teeth are 1.8 times off.

In the current article, it is claimed there are two distinct happenings in the Neanderthal studied, at 227 days and 435 days. Multiplying these figures with  1.8 to compensate for dating problems, give 408 and 783 days, which roughly is one and two years. That means that Neanderthal infants were exclusively on breast milk for the first season, on a transitionary diet during the second season, and then abruptly weaned.

Thus, this study provides more support for the idea that the dating of Neanderthals is wrong, and that the model described in the Neanderthal theory can explain the weaning data in this Neanderthal in a much better way, which also puts weaning at a similar age as in modern humans.

Indeed, this should be possible to use in order to provide better age estimates for Neanderthal juveniles.


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  • doutortaz
    August 15th, 2016 16:11

    Hello, I’m a Brazilian aperger.
    First of all I would like to congratulate you for the excellent work.
    I remember that in your theory contained the sexual paraphilias and I not found more.
    I think I understand the reason for this part of the theory have been removed from the site, but it would be possible to send it to me by email?
    It would be possible also send me version 3 of the quiz in Portuguese? I think that although the new version is better to detect the asperger syndrome, the old was much better to detect the amount of Neanderthal genes that the person has.
    Thank you very much

  • Ellen
    July 14th, 2017 21:32

    Hi, I took the Aspie quiz and have a comment. There was a question about whether one was “asexual”. In actuality no one is asexual, we are either male or female. We experience others as male or female–whether family members, friends, romantic partner, etc. A healthy person experiences some sexual attractions; not to experience sexual difference and attraction at all is abnormal for humans and would suggest a more severe neurological problem than autism. The category of “asexual” is thus something disordered. But a person with normal sexuality may be chaste, that is they live their sexuality in a rightly ordered way, not willingly engaging in any type of lust in thoughts or actions. Their sexual activity is only with their legitimate spouse (if marrried), or if unmarried they live celibate chastity, this is also a way of love that leaves the person free for service to others and doing many kinds of good but without seeking sexual pleasure. A chaste person is comfortable being male or female and acts appropriately for their sex, is modest and treats others and in a special way the opposite sex with respect and dignity. Chastity is a virtue! Unlike being “asexual” which clearly suggests something wrong with the person (if not something impossible, since every human is sexual by nature), chastity is something totally positive that means living their sexuality in a fully healthy way either as single or married. Chastity does not mean the person never experiences others’ sexual difference or never finds others attractive, but it certainly means having one’s integrity. In marriage it means the healthy, loving use of sex for having children and the unity of the spouses–not as an end in itself. In terms of talking about autistic spectrum folks who are single and not engaging in sexual behavior (which may be what you intended to get at by the unfortunate word asexual), “chaste” is an utterly more positive way of describing us than “asexual” which is both misleading and implies something wrong with us. I am not “asexual” whatsoever, but I live perfect chastity for many years now quite happily, and for the rest of my life. For the quiz purposes, being more objectively descriptive of what is intended may be a good route, such as choosing not to seek romantic relationships or sexual activity.

  • admin
    August 5th, 2017 22:16

    The background to why neurodiverse people identify as asexual can be found in an article at researchgate: (as long as it is on peer-review, people need to request it).

  • Ellen
    July 14th, 2017 21:34

    And yes I am diagnosed with asperger syndrome, and scored as an aspie on the quiz.

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