Relevance of Attwoods Aspie criteria

A while ago I checked Tony Attwoods “Aspie criteria” in Aspie-quiz. The statements were reformulated as questions and added as experimental questions (and thus were mixed-up with ordinary questions). It was done like this so people would answer them truthfully. Attwoods statements have mixed relevance, with a few highly relevant statements, and some with absolutely no relevance.

Very good relevance (more than 0.6 in correlation to Aspie-score)

  • Do you have acute sensitivity to specific sensory experiences and stimuli (e.g. hearing, touch, vision, and/or smell)?

Good relevance (between 0.45 and 0.59 in correlation)

  • Do you dislike discussing a topic that may not be of primary interest?
  • Do you have an strong preferece for detail over gestalt?
  • Do you have an original, often unique perspective in problem solving?
  • Do you have an avid perseverance in gathering and cataloguing information on a topic of interest?
  • Do you have knowledge of routines and a focused desire to maintain order and accuracy?

Some relevance (between 0.3 and 0.44 in correlation)

  • Do you speak your mind irrespective of social context or adherence to personal beliefs?
  • Do you seek an audience or friends capable of enthusiasm for unique interests and topics?
  • Are you primarily interested in significant contributions to conversation over ritualistic small talk or socially trivial statements and superficial conversation?
  • Do you prefer conversation free of hidden meaning or agenda?
  • Do you have an advanced use of pictorial metaphors?
  • Do you have exceptional memory and/or recall of details often forgotten or disregarded by others, for example: names, dates, schedules, routines?
  • Are your thoughts persistent?
  • Do you have encyclopaedic or “CD ROM” knowledge of one or more topics?
  • Are you values/decision making unaltered by political or financial factors?
  • Are you a “social unsung hero” with trusting optimism: frequent victim of social weaknesses of others, while steadfast in the belief of the possibility of genuine friendship?

Insignificant relavance (between 0.15 and 0.29 in correlation)

  • Do you show absolute loyalty and impeccable dependability in peer relationships?
  • Are you determined to seek the truth?
  • Do you have an advanced vocabulary and interest in words?
  • Are you fascinated with word-based humor (e.g. puns)?
  • Do you often take care of others outside the range of typical development?

No relevance (less than 0.15 in correlation)

  • Are you free of sexist, “age-ist” or culturalist biases and regard others at “face value”?
  • Do you have the ability to pursue personal theory or perspective despite conflicting evidence?
  • Do you listen without continual judgement or assumption?
  • Do you seek sincere, positive, genuine friends with an unassuming sense of humor?
  • Are you good at individual sports and games, particularly those involving endurance or visual accuracy, including rowing, swimming, bowling, chess?
  • Have you attended university after high school?

Most of the statements are related to Aspie talent, which is expected.

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